I shoot on location using natural light as much as possible. On location could be a park, favorite place, the beach or your home.

Full sessions generally last about an hour, and mini sessions are 20 minutes. Mini sessions are great if you have small children as their attention span is short!

Please bring snacks for you and your children and a favorite toy(s) that you would not mind having in the photo if needed. Our main aim is to keep the children happy and relaxed so they have fun too. Don’t worry if your child does not want to cooperate or has a tantrum, I have children and know all about how that goes; their timing is usually perfect! It is part of the day and we will work with them and make them laugh.

We will talk about what you are expecting to get out of the session before the day arrives. Have a look through the gallery pages so you can decide on the look and feel you would like for your session.


Newborn sessions take place in your home when the baby is between 6 - 10 days. Babies can be older but those curled up poses are harder to achieve, as the baby likes to stretch out more!

A session can last anywhere between 3 - 4 hours giving plenty of time for feeding, changing and lulling to sleep. I bring an assortment of blankets and wraps, but if you have anything that is important to you or you would like to use, please just let me know and we can talk about it.


These sessions are a much more candid style of photography. They can be as simple as an hour in your life with you doing whatever you would normally do or you can choose an activity you and your family enjoy, such as cooking, playing in a stream or working on an art project. I will come and spend about an hour with you taking photos to capture you and your family in a relaxed and fun environment.


Christmas Magic sessions are 20 minutes long and take place in your home with your Christmas tree. The only lights I use are the lights on the Christmas tree. If you are planning on booking a Christmas Magic session please add more stands of lights than you would think is necessary, approximately 500 lights for a 6-8 ft tree. As we are only using the light from the tree, it has to be dark outside to capture the real magic of the lights and tree. Given December is darker earlier we can usually start a session by 5pm, any earlier and you see ambient light from outside.

What to wear: I love my children to wear festive pajamas or night gowns, but please dress them however you feel looks best for your house.

To view my Christmas Magic gallery click here.