Schools today generally have an auction or some kind of fundraising push that requires each class to produce something. Over the past few years I have worked with several schools on posters for their class project.

Generally, I come to the school at an agreed upon time that suits the teacher and take the photos required for your poster. I process the images, create your poster and give you a 20x24 inch print and an 11x14 inch print. Some schools have framed the large print and offered it at the live auction, others have offered a sign up sheet for an 11x14 print at a fixed price. After the event I then order the required amount of prints, depending on how you sell the poster.

The cost of this project is $300, plus the cost of the final prints, which I sell to you at cost. The cost of my time is generally covered by the class, each donating a portion, for example if you have 30 children in a class each family would be asked to contribute $10.

The posters above are examples of what I have done so far, but if you have your own ideas and would like to discuss please contact me:

These make great projects for both pre-school and grade school.


For pre-school photography, my goal is to create a more relaxed and playful environment in order to capture a natural smile from each child. I set up a fun environment and let them play for a few minutes while I am being very silly with my famous green frog! I photograph every child individually and in a class photo. Parents only order after they have seen the photos.

Money back... I give back 10% from the profit to your school.